New year new friend: PD Pet Insurance

Thinking of bringing a new puppy into your home?

If you are set on a specific breed of dog and can’t adopt from a shelter, make sure you find ethical breeders and be aware of how puppy scams work.

Here’s timely advice from the experts at PD Pet Insurance:

When researching a breeder, check they’re undertaking all the important health tests, like for certain hereditary and congenital conditions and to assess eyes, ears, hips, thyroid, heart and more. Otherwise you could be stuck with a pup who’s often at the vet.
Ask to see the puppy and the parents’ living conditions in person (avoid breeder if they refuse), and ensure that they’re being treated well.
If buying a purebred or pedigree pup, view its papers beforehand and take them on purchase.
A great resource to find a professional breeder locally is

Scammers often prey on individuals looking for small, popular, and expensive breeds such as English and French Bulldogs, and hybrid breeds like the Spoodle. However, puppy scams can occur with any breed.
Try to avoid buying online but if you do, meet the pup (and, if possible, parents) in person before purchase.
When bringing a new pup into your life, it’s also important to think about potential vet bills and other pet care costs.
Consider PD Pet Insurance, which is offering two months’ free insurance for dogs aged under a year old and one month free for older dogs.

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