New wharf on the way

Replacing the 134-year-old Akaroa Wharf has moved a step closer to reality with Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū Banks Peninsula Community Board recommending it proceed.

The concept design, which the public and stakeholders were consulted on in January, will see the wharf rebuilt in the same location and of the same length as the existing wharf, (155m) with concrete piles and structure and timber decking.

Its deck would be raised approximately 0.60m from the present height to account for sea level rise and the width increased from 7.3m to 8m, whilst an additional pontoon structure will bring the total number to three.

Work on a replacement wharf has been underway since a structural assessment in late 2018 found it was reaching the end of its viable life. Christchurch City Council Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge says the finalised concept design was developed following an extensive consultation process.

Its completion will provide certainty for commercial operators, building owners and the public.

“It has been a three year process and I know that those involved will be keen to get the next stages underway,” he adds.

Earlier this month the Community Board recommended that Christchurch City Council staff proceed to detailed design of the proposed Akaroa Wharf. It also asked that council staff investigate upgrading Drummonds Wharf, Dalys Wharf, the Wainui Wharf or other facilities for temporary use which could also deliver permanent improvements.

Council will continue to work with commercial operators on the wharf infrastructure and pontoon location.

It is proposed that the wharf would continue to provide access to fuel and future provision for electrical charging is being considered.

Funding of $19.1m for the Akaroa Wharf project has been set aside in the 2021-31 Long Term Plan.

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