Must-see urban art: Fiksate Gallery

Step into the vibrant realm of urban art at Fiksate Gallery, where the captivating Living in a Loop exhibition by street artist, Component, is on until 26 August.

Fiksate Gallery stands as a premier space for urban contemporary art in New Zealand, serving as a venue for local and international street artists. The gallery’s mission is to provide a platform for these gifted artists to showcase and offer their remarkable creations to art enthusiasts.

Living in a Loop presents a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the innovative and thought-provoking artistry of Component. Celebrated for his pioneering role in New Zealand’s stencil art movement, Component’s latest collection plunges into the heart of urban culture, introspection, and societal commentary. His iconic stencil painting technique takes centre stage, gracefully stretching the confines of his craft through the reinterpretation of repurposed and rediscovered canvases.

“Through these works, I aim to provoke reflection, challenge perceptions, and inspire dialogue. The artwork will showcase a blend of my signature stencil style alongside experimentation with new techniques and visual elements, providing a fresh perspective on my artistic evolution,” expresses Component.

Component’s artistic exploration traverses a diverse spectrum, from iconic pop culture references to abstract motifs, all invigorated with bold colours and shapes that dissect New Zealand’s socio-political fabric.
With a legacy spanning over two decades, Component has continuously redrawn the boundaries of his craft and subject matter. His works resonate within gallery and museum exhibitions, both locally and on the global stage. Collaborations with fellow artists and designers have only enriched his creativity.

Fiksate eagerly invites all to see Living in a Loop. Seize the moment and immerse yourself in this extraordinary exhibition – an experience not to be missed.

54 Hawdon St,
Sydenham, Christchurch
Ph: 03 365 0763

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