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Since the German Scientist, Justus von Liebig added a thin layer of silver to glass in 1835, we have had the modern mirror.

Now we have a simple way to add space, light, and sophistication to our homes. Heather Fine from OneWorld reflects on ways to get the most out of using a mirror in your space.

“If you have a hard-to-fill space or an entrance area, pairing a mirror with a console can add style and function to those hard to decorate small spaces. A console makes a great focal piece, a mirror above it adds height and depth to the space.”

When you have big empty walls or soaring ceilings, a large mirror can fill the vast space with luxury, light, and warmth. These statement pieces will
be a talking point of the room without overwhelming the space.

Heather suggests using a large mirror to sit behind your favourite piece of furniture to add the feeling of extra space, enhance the light and amplify the style and beauty of the room.

“Another tip is to consider the shape and frame of your mirror when pairing with the style of your room. Unusual frames or textures can not only reflect the shape and feel of the room but also your personality.”

Heather and David Fine are happy to help you choose the right mirror and they have plenty to choose from. They have just had a big shipment arrive with an array of furniture and homewares including their beautiful mirrors in many shapes and sizes.

Let them help you find the right relaxed, sophisticated and functional piece that is perfect for your home.

OneWorld has been open in Christchurch for seven months, joining sister stores in Sydney and Chicago. Visit the showroom at 114 Carlyle Street Sydenham, open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

What makes mirrors a decorator’s dream:
– Mirrors are highly functional, and they can transform the look and feel of any room.
– It’s no secret that mirrors can make a room feel bigger, but well-placed mirrors can decorate, provide detail, and enhance the ambience of any room.
– A well-placed mirror will cast light into those dark corners.
– Adding a mirror in a stunning frame can be like adding artwork to your room.

There are plenty of ideas at www.oneworldcollection.co.nz

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