Megawatt Hues

Megawatt Hues

A colourful style shift is taking place. Our wardrobes are set to be lit up with megawatt hues from orange and green, to pink and blue as designers look ahead to the playful must-have colours of the season.


Megawatt Hues


Turned-up colours are popping up in all the latest fashion collections including Louis Vuitton’s new glow in the dark keepalls, featuring the brand’s signature monogram print.

Saint Laurent’s show at Paris Fashion Week was like a disco with a full range of the seasonal colours in neon form – orange blazers, red stilettos and green feathers.

Day glow brights have also recently hit the runways, further confirming the colourful shift in the upcoming season of fashion.

Bold and beautiful accessory pieces are another way to celebrate this trend and maintain your own personal style without breaking the bank.

Pairing a fluorescent bracelet, bright sunglasses or neon tights with your current ensemble will keep you looking fresh and on trend without having to spend a fortune on fashion.

It seems unanimous that we can expect to be rocking seriously fun fashion this season with colour leading the way – the brighter the better.



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