Meet the principal: St Margaret’s College

It is widely accepted that the world will benefit from new combinations of leadership, ones where women play a fundamental role.

Diana Patchett, Executive Principal

It is our intention at St Margaret’s College to realise the next generation of young women with strong traditional values, empowered to step confidently into the modern world.

SMC offers that balanced foundation. We are a modern school with incredible facilities and opportunities, founded on traditional family and Christian values. At the same time, we are a traditional school, rich in culture and heritage, filled with modern girls who aspire to make a positive difference in the world, supported by families who share high expectations for their girls.

And these expectations are not just academic ones. SMC continues to be amongst the top academic schools in the country, with a curriculum tailored to best meet the needs of our girls, while giving them a rich and rewarding involvement in sports and the arts to an elite level.

No two children are the same, and that is a good thing. At SMC, we celebrate diversity, we amplify it, for we know that each girl comes to us with her gifts and abilities and that it is our privilege to uncover those, and more. This helps to set her up for success, whatever success looks like for her, as she moves through our school and then out into the world.

Making that all-important decision around schooling is one no parent takes lightly. It is a significant investment, but one that your child will reap the rewards of for the rest of their life.

Knowing and playing to your strengths, being an open-minded and flexible thinker, having confidence in your skills and abilities, practising well-developed interpersonal and collaborative skills to be able to work well with others, and perhaps most importantly, demonstrating the resilience to embrace failure as a necessary means to realising a solution to new challenges – these are invaluable life skills for all ages.

At SMC, the development of these powerful graduate attributes is intrinsic to the academic, social, physical, and spiritual programmes we afford our girls. At the heart of it all, St Margaret’s College is a family that values each girl for the gifts and talents she brings, that provides a safe place for her to take on new challenges, and empowers her to learn, live and lead.

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