Matte black details

Labelled as the “hottest home design trend for 2024”, by Forbes, matte black is the design finish making its way into all the home spaces lately.

Experts say its versatility is why it has remained such a popular finish in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Other interior designers add it has been a favourite due to the drama and sophistication it brings. Blending fashion with function, matte black is less likely to show smudge marks or fingerprints and is an easy-clean option in a society that now prioritises clean surfaces and spaces.

Another drawcard for matte black interiors is that despite its bold and daring characteristics, it remains a relatively neutral shade, and will always look and feel classy. It is a shade that stays modern through time, best paired with oak, according to leading interior designers. If you want to incorporate some durability and versatility into different spaces in your home, matte black is this year’s answer.

All in the details
Incorporating matte black into your home doesn’t necessarily mean complete room renovations. Take it as far as you like. For a simple introduction to the trend, in the bathroom, look to the smaller details. think matte black rubbish bins, tissue box covers, or soap dispensers.

For the kitchen, opt for appliances like toasters and jugs in a matte black finish, or swap out stainless steel hardware.

If you’re ready for a bigger commitment, consider furniture and bigger decor items that carry the shade. Cabinet finishings or countertops in the kitchen bring the mood to life, while a matte black bathtub and sink are a sleek option for the bathroom. Last year, 38% of NKBA designers predicted matte would be the top finish for cabinetry, and an increase in this style over recent months suggests they were right.

In other spaces of your home, look to black feature walls and lighting, which add to the atmosphere without giving too much edge.

An investment into an expert renovation company or interior designer might be worth it if you are looking to re-do different home spaces with the trend. Matte black holds the allure of luxury, and sometimes a DIY job is obvious and detracts or devalues from that end result that matte black does so well.

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