Manscaping Magic

Manscaping Magic

Don’t be put off by ‘Manscaping’. It’s just a cute term for grooming. It underlines that everyone benefits from grooming, especially before big events.

Manscaping Magic


The facial jobs that need to be done can be checked out in the rear-view mirror when stationary, in good daylight. There are delete-able horrors you don’t notice in uneven bathroom light, like an attack of hair-sprout in the wrong spots. If you don’t fancy the tweezing-out process, there are plenty of hair dressers, man-scapers and beauty therapists who are happy to help.

Eyebrows and hair can be tidied up simultaneously; always a boon to self-confidence. Be careful to tell the therapist your desired outcome, however. You may choose to darken your brows slightly, leaving them slightly imperfect and natural-looking.  Also – at this time of year, thirsty facial, neck and arm skin all benefit from attention. It’s said that unmoisturised skin ages 40 percent faster than the regularly moisturised. A clay mask from the pharmacy is the ideal starting point. When washing this off, use tepid, lukewarm water and an old flannel. This is great skin-preparation for moisturiser.

Choose a moisturiser with a pleasing feel, unscented. When unperfumed, you can get closer in around the eyes without reaction. Fatty moisturising creams are often scent-neutral. Next, add some sharp shades!
For the rest of the face, neck and arms, moisturiser should include a good sun-protection factor. Add deodorant, gorgeous aftershave and clean filed nails, and you’re handsome.



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