Making home super

The majority of New Zealand homes, and sometimes even new homes just aren’t healthy enough, often uninhabitable by world standards – too cold, damp, and mouldy.

A study by research organisation BRANZ and the University of Auckland, found that 1000 children slept in bedrooms that were below 18 deg C.

Even those who do stay warm, end up paying unwarrantedly high power bills, says Bob Burnett of New Zealand’s Superhome Movement.

He believes that unnecessary bureaucracy has allowed the current New Zealand building code to slip behind standards found in the rest of the developed world.

“Our conservative and inept code is over-complicated, stating the ‘why’ but seldom the ‘how’,” he explains.

“The work to improve [building standards] has already been done overseas, with extensive research and development solutions that are easily implemented already in-practise.

“It’s time for change. The industry needs to be more aware of these proven solutions that work, and teach the simple steps of how to implement them to ensure healthy and energy-efficient living,” he adds.

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