Makeup without a mirror: Lucky Pinn

Waking up, stepping out of the pool, or finishing a session at the gym. All followed by a rigorous makeup routine to feel yourself again.

Imagine if these daily activities required no more effort than one appointment at Lucky Pinn, to live every day with framed eyebrows, plump, pigmented lips, and smudge-proof eyeliner. Semi-permanent makeup is fast becoming a go-to, lasting two to five years and enhancing natural features to produce a youthful, radiant face without all that time spent in front of the mirror. Effortless beauty, satisfaction, and self-esteem are reflected from within, bringing endless confidence to fruition.

Over time, the facial muscles drop which bring the eyebrows down. Corrective eyebrow shaping and tattooing will lift those first-look points of the face. A fine art artist, skilled in makeup and tattoo artistry, owner Pinn puts her passion into each client, with high-quality, non-toxic pigments in a completely hygienic salon.

“It’s about selecting the right shape for the face frame and the satisfaction of a well-finished canvas,” Pinn explains. Offering a free consultation to create the shaping and framing, Pinn then offers a free touch-up session after one month for continuously effortless day-to-day makeup.

Treat yourself, or “pass on the love of beauty,” with a Lucky Pinn gift voucher. Visit the salon at 35 Riccarton Road, Christchurch.

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