Magical aromas: Love Light Soy Candles

It is the smells of Christmas that evoke the happiest memories for many.

Love Light Soy Candles fragrances, such as Ginger Cookie, Noel and Fresh Pine, bring an unforgettable Christmas scent into your home.

Candles in crystal bowls and glasses cast a magical Yuletide ambience, as do exquisite Christmas containers.
For those special people, create a personalised candle-gift of glassware and fragrances or choose a beautiful pre-wrapped gift. Wedding candles become cherished keepsakes, while room and car diffusers make life heavenly.

“Bring in your empty candle containers for refilling and enjoy browsing our cute and gorgeous studio,” owner and candle-maker Tania Mitchell says.

Visit Love Light Soy Candles at 185 Brookside Road, Rolleston.

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