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With winter behind us, the time is ripe for a bit of personal maintenance and what better way to start than with a trimmer silhouette?




Red Laser & Beauty provides a transforming slimming treatment, perfect for pesky places resistant to exercise and diet, like the tummy area, back rolls and thighs (both inner and outer). Fat cells are cooled during the treatment, which induces lipolysis, or the breaking down of fat cells.

The treatment is per area for a one-hour appointment. The fat breaks down over a period of between four weeks to three months after treatment. The result will be a natural reduction of fat on treated areas, approximating 20 percent.

Apart from laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, another popular treatment is permanent makeup, aka cosmetic tattoo, which gives a lovely makeup look day and night.

Permanent eyeliner lasts years; there are two colour options and clients can choose upper eyeliner only, or both upper and lower eyeliner. Microblading and powder finish is a natural method used to achieve beautiful eyebrows, be it a heavier brow or soft hair-like look. Numbing creams are used in permanent makeup treatments, ensuring a painless procedure throughout.

With more than 25 years of experience within the team, clients know they’re in the best of hands. So, now that you know why your friend has become so stunning all of a sudden, it’s your turn. Check out the details below and go get gorgeous for summer!

Phone 03 385 8600, or 027 227 1062 and visit www.redhairbeauty.co.nz




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