When in winter we lose sunglasses and sun hats as accessories, we gain lush scarves, cosy beanies, and hand-warming gloves.

Wool accessories come with all the warmth, and an opulent feel, so you don’t have to feel any less luxe when it’s cold.

New Zealand is home to many sheep, and thus producers of high-quality wool and merino garments, sourcing local products means knowing where your fabric is from. Style a fluffy scarf over a full-length coat with clean makeup. Take to the trend, and pull wool or merino socks a few inches above a calf-length boot for a touch of glam.

With a chunky beanie, choose a loose and chunky knit, and for a fitted beanie, opt for a tighter-fitting look, to avoid the illusion of an oversized head. For must-haves, start a collection of gloves in different colours, to make styling simple. Cashmere gloves are a high-end choice, yet normal wool gloves do the trick too.

Merino possum silver gloves Find Me: The Wool Company.
Bonnet beanie Find Me: American Vintage
The Ferguson wool blanket scarf Find Me: Dark Hampton.
Vandy light grey scarf Find Me: Acne Studios.
Shearling caramel fur capsule bag Find Me: Deadly Ponies.
Tameraa Metallic water bottle and sock gift set Find Me: Ted Baker.
Aleger cashmere blend travel wrap Find Me: Lynn Woods.
Gwen cashmere blend beanie Find Me: MAX.
Rubbish socks Find Me: Untouched World.
Tussock headband Find Me: Hemprino.
Woollen felted dryer ball Find Me: Get Flocked.

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