It’s not all black and white: RESENE

A common misconception is that neutral colour schemes, especially those comprised of black and white, fall into the category of monochromatic colour schemes. However, it’s the distinct lack of colour that put these spaces into a category all their own.

The term ‘achromatic’ literally means ‘without colour’, so an achromatic colour scheme is one that possesses no hue and is designed using only black, white and grey. A monochromatic scheme, on the other hand, is one comprised of a single hue – often in a range of tones to create contrast and interest. But there is a third colour harmony category worth taking note of; while it falls within the same vein as the other two, this variation gets thrown around far less often: an accented achromatic scheme.

An accented achromatic scheme is when a single accent colour is added to an achromatic scheme. Though often subtle, this accent hue tends to bring a definition and grounding to a space that might otherwise feel like it’s missing something in a way that’s tough to put your finger on. In this living space, it’s the incorporation of a cushion in a hue similar to Resene Dark Buff that elevates the otherwise black and white scheme and makes it feel complete.

Ever since the phasing out of wall-to-wall carpeting as the 1990s drew to a close, stained timber has been a popular choice for flooring. But over the last five years, stained timber clad walls – both inside and out – have also re-emerged as a trend. The resurgence in timber walls can most likely be attributed to the same reasons that timber floors came back into style: people love the way that wood reminds them of nature, and it’s a simple, durable and accessible way of bringing a little bit of the outdoors in.

While a primarily black and white space could run the risk of being boring, the collective impact of this design feels chic and cohesive. It also strikes the ideal balance between casual and sophisticated thanks to its ample texture and gorgeous blend of Resene paints and timber stains.

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