Investing in your future: Harcourts Grenadier

A career in real estate offers numerous benefits, and can grow as your life changes.

Sarah McLeod, co-owner of the Halswell and Wigram offices with Harcourts Grenadier is a testament to that, as she explains.

“I’ve been working in real estate for 16 years. I went from PA, to agent, to manager, to owner, and had some time out to have our two girls. It has been fabulous to be able to change gears constantly,” she says.

Husband Hamish McLeod is also co-owner of the two branches. “If you are considering a change in career or starting out, you’ll find real estate an interesting and long-term choice. It is less about loving property and more about people who are great with people. We find those personalities can be any age or background,” adds Hamish.
With a combined 35 years of experience in the business, Sarah and Hamish are looking to share their expertise by continuing to recruit. “We personally don’t sell property anymore,” says Sarah. “We operate completely in support of agents in our offices. Plus, Grenadier is the largest Harcourts franchise so you get all of that training and their marketing department expertise. The Harcourts brand opens doors to the entire nationwide network.”

Hamish and Sarah find that life in real estate gives you flexibility because you are operating your own business, and with their support, you have unlimited potential.

“Every day is different; you never know what will happen.
“It comes down to how hard you want to work,” says Hamish. “New agents often start working with buyers, and they then have access to all of that Harcourts stock to sell.”

Their team sells throughout Canterbury, but the bonus of their office locations are that they are surrounded by over 34 subdivisions plus lifestyle properties. “We have a range of properties on our doorstep,” says Sarah.
Sarah’s philosophy is very much ‘do it once and do it right, with complete integrity’.

The people focus is what drives her. “It’s about who we meet along the way, doing our best for them, and that’s the reason we come to work.”

A favourite element for Hamish is developing new agents. “I love helping them grow, and seeing their business become something great.

“Recently one of our new agents received the coveted title of Harcourts Canterbury Rising Star of the Year and we are extremely proud of their success.

“Embarking on a career in real estate sales is an exciting journey filled with opportunities to connect with people and achieve both personal and professional growth.”

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