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You’ve made a decision to use the services of a financial adviser and invest wisely.

With the guidance of your financial adviser, you’ve completed a fact find, a risk assessment and decided what your goals and aims are for the short, medium and longer-term.

However, you then have to continue to make regular decisions going forward, and it’s just all too hard.

What happens next? That’s where the team at Alistair Bean & Associates – Financial Advisers come to the rescue. “We’re a little different from other financial advisers,” explains company principal Alistair Bean.

“We take all that hard work out of it. Firstly, you require flexibility and nothing locked in. “Then you authorise us to ‘make decisions for you’, so you don’t have to. We specialise in assisting lump Sum Investment and KiwiSaver Clients.”

Alistair says that clients receive a Statement of Advice (Investment Plan), based on information they supply. “You then give us signed authority to act in your best interests, to make all the investment decisions as to where your funds are placed on your behalf.

“We then continue to monitor and review your portfolio within an investment platform on an on-going basis. This enables us to rebalance your investments as appropriate, as your own circumstances change, which then allows us to purchase assets for you, not only in your investment portfolio, but also the same opportunity should you also have a KiwiSaver (minimum balance of $50,000 held), within New Zealand and all around the world,” he adds.

“You may be an aggressive, conservative or defensive investor. Your financial adviser will assist you in deciding what level of risk you are comfortable with and then assist you from there, once again, making decisions for you so you don’t have to.”


You want flexibility, so you require the following:
Are you allowed to have regular withdrawals to meet your monthly budget needs? Yes, you are.
Can you take lump sums for special one-off projects? Yes.
Can you add additional funds, on a regular or one-off basis? Yes.
Do you get regular updates? Yes.
Do you have online access? Yes.
Are the funds in your name? Yes.

If you want to have a specialist financial adviser assist you with looking after your funds, want to know more answers to yes or no questions, and particularly want to have someone making decisions for you so you don’t have to, contact us either at our website or phone direct on 03 288 0404.

Disclosure document available free upon request.

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