Interiors to invest in, and inspire

Capture new feelings in your interiors through one-of-a-kind pieces. Add depth to your most used or loved room with one statement piece, and create spaces that round out each other, instead of arguing for attention.

Whether it be a painting, ceramic, wood sculpture, lamp, or table, find something that speaks to you, and will constantly elicit a reaction. It’s a long-term commitment, not a sudden style statement that ticks the box. Expect the unexpected, this beloved piece may present itself tomorrow in your favourite homewares store, or two years from now, amongst other antiques.

A statement can come simply, through colour, texture, and size. Alternatively, uniqueness or difference can seize curiosity, to enthrall visitors, and continuously engage homeowners. Invest in that statement piece, the pop of difference your home needs, and inspire the creative minds of your guests, and yourself.

Floral floor lamp, Find Me: David Trubridge.
Salon Orange Poppy in Green Framed canvas, Find Me: Early Settler.
Koura table lamp, Find Me: David Trubridge.
Rosy & Rich cermaics, Find Me: WORLD.
Uttermost Black Label Palisade Accent Table, Find Me: Sweat Pea & Willow.


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