Inspiration, ideas, and bargains galore

The Canterbury Home Show has been helping homeowners plan their renovation and new home build projects, since 2013.

This annual event is the first home show in the calendar year, catering for homeowners looking to complete their home improvement projects before the weather takes a cooler turn, and also when skilled professionals are usually more readily available.

Showcasing more than 140 leading brands and attracting 10,000+ visitors over three days, it is the South Island’s longest running and most successful event of its kind.

5 reasons to attend a home show:

  • The perfect destination for a busy person. Having lots of options in one place means attendees find everything under one roof, from new lawns to appliances, to spa pools, and new homes.
  • To save money. Everyone loves a deal, and exhibitors at the show often have ‘show deals’ on their products and services. Often, these deals are exclusive, and they are a tremendous bonus for attendees.
  • Quality products and services. Shows feature the highest quality exhibitors. Attendees browse through exceptional products and meet skilled individuals without worrying about scams or shortcuts.
  • DIY help and advice. Whether an attendee is looking for quick advice from a stage presentation, or project assistance from an exhibitor, a home show will provide options for them to choose from to get their job done.
  • Fun, fun, fun. They’re not just about tiles and sofas.They feature competitions, food and drink, artworks and much more for an enjoyable day out, for young and old alike.

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