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Innovative wall linings: Juken New Zealand Ltd

Triboard TGV – manufactured by Juken New Zealand Ltd [JNL] is an innovative engineered wood panel that offers an alternative to plasterboard.


Triboard TGV


“This product is specifically designed for the lining of high-impact areas such as garages and rumpus rooms”, explains Gordon Wilmshurst, Sales & Marketing Manager for JNL. “These areas are commonly lined with plasterboard products. “Holes in the plasterboard are often caused by car doors being opened onto the wall lining or kids’ bikes scraping down the wall, which often requires a trade person to carry out remedial repairs.”

Triboard TGV – tongue and groove panels, have been developed specifically for high impact resistance. The three key benefits are speed of installation, ability to be joined off frame and the fact they are paint ready. Manageable sized sheets mean they can be easily installed by one person, reducing construction time and cost.

There’s nothing better than having positive fixing in the garage or rumpus room. To be able to fix a shelf or dryer directly onto the walls without fixing to studs is hugely beneficial. Unlike plasterboard wall linings, which generally require a tradesperson to prepare the surface for paint, Triboard TGV is ready to paint, eliminating those preparation costs.


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