Imagine your home improvements

Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Add a bit of inspiration to the mix and that’s exactly what you get when you visit a home show, albeit a preview of a home’s potential attractions. Canterbury is lucky to have two home shows annually, including one in […]

Heaven scent

Having a signature scent for your home doesn’t need to mean burning candles for hours. Oil diffusers are a popular option for creating a beautiful smelling space, and calming environment. The beauty of oil diffusers is the variety of scents to choose from. For some diffusers, you can take your pick of essential oil flavours […]

Protection from the elements: Louvres Concepts

Rain, hail or shine, we like our homes to be cosy and dry, and that includes outdoor living environments. Keeping the weather at bay is no problem with today’s sleek, modern louvres. Imagine no more too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy. Imagine banishing these with one touch of a button. Yes, it […]

Welcome home: A&C Homestore

A homeware haven has hit the Christchurch streets and is here to stay. Focusing on locally accessible furniture and homewares, A&C Homestore features a range of loved Kiwi brands, as well as their own beautiful A&C Linen. The store is carefully curated to help customers find inspiration when wandering through and develop their own sense […]

Curl up, outside

The season of lounging and entertaining outdoors is upon us, and so might be the time for a new and updated seating set-up for your outside area. Having a space to relax and enjoy outdoors means comfortable furniture that fits into your area nicely and looks the part too. Depending on the size of your […]

No place like home: Golden Homes

The Golden Homes Christchurch team believe your home is likely to be your biggest asset. So, make sure you do the research before taking the next step. One of the biggest mistakes buyers can make, is to assume that all builders build the same. Shopping around based on price as your main priority, could be […]

Comfortglaze: High performance retro-fit

Double glazing plays an integral part of keeping your home cool in the summer, and dry and warmer in winter. Spring is the perfect time to consider double glazing your home to reduce excessive summer heat and allow for a more moderate internal climate, all year round. At Comfortglaze, we specialise in retrofitting your existing […]

Switching us on: Midea

One of life’s little pleasures is relaxing with a coffee after an energetic bout of housework and casting a proud eye over clean surfaces and sparkling appliances. Why do we love appliances? Because they help us to run our homes efficiently. A kitchen without its fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave, toaster or coffee-maker is a non-functioning […]

Capturing rugged beauty: Village Art

Resident artist at Village Art, Struan Macdonald uses oils as his medium of choice. Specialising in landscapes, his work captures the ruggedness and drama of New Zealand’s wilderness. In a new painting, Struan captures the beauty of Mt Sefton. “Of particular interest to me here was the softened sunlight reflecting off the snow-covered mountainside, as […]

Planting an idea: Bloomscape

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy plants, and that’s basically the same thing says the team at Bloomscape. If you have a passion for plants, look no further for your source of beautiful, affordable houseplants, and everything you’ll need to make them thrive. Both the Kaiapoi and the online stores carry a stunning […]