Where imagination runs wild: Page and Post Booksellers

Offering unusual items lovingly displayed in the centre of Geraldine, The Page and Post Booksellers owes its beginning chapter to a meeting of minds in an enchanted American bookstore. Our philosophy is allowing your imagination and following your passion; this will lead to discovery,” says co-owner Belinda Roberts. “Intended as a space where your imagination […]

Animal dedicated MRI: Pacific Radiology

Our adored fur babies fill our lives with fun, hope, purpose, and most of all, love. For many of us, a life without that joyous yelp or throaty purr greeting us home would feel a little empty. When our best mate becomes unwell it can have us in despair. We can’t ask them where it […]

Eco kitchen hints

Making a difference in your kitchen is easy with help from a few eco-friendly products. Try some of these: Dish brushes Get rid of that plastic dish brush and replace it with a wooden ethically sourced brush. Dish cloth Ninety percent of dish cloths contain microfibre so replace them with a cellulose cotton option. Pot […]

The ultimate robot vacuum

Small things amuse small minds, and in what is easily the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market, Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott finds a small feature that does indeed amuse him for hours. When I reviewed the ECOVACS Deebot T9+ late last year, it would have been hard to believe that the then flagship […]

Living in colour

Looking for a little interior inspiration? Are your rooms feeling a little dull? Injecting some vibrancy and colour into your home is not as hard as it may seem. We can’t all be interior designers, but some key design rules can help guide you in a little DIY home refresh. Winter doesn’t have to be […]

Artfully yours: RESENE

One of the most notable American architects who made his mark on the world at the turn of the 20th century was Frank Lloyd Wright. He specialised in what’s known as ‘craftsman style’ design, which is synonymous with the Arts and Crafts Movement – an international trend in the decorative and fine arts that developed […]

Optimising outdoor living: Louvre Solutions

Don’t put your outdoor area into hibernation these winter months. Extend your outdoor entertaining and enjoyment year round, by ensuring you and your guests are protected by the elements. A louvre roof is the perfect way to optimise your enjoyment of that space, even in the unpredictable winter weather. Louvre Solutions roof systems are more […]

An eye for detail: Lisa Nolan Soft Furnishings

Do you have an interior project you keep putting off? With 18 years of experience, Lisa Nolan of Lisa Nolan Soft Furnishings is an expert when it comes to working with interiors, and she loves every minute of it. An especially rewarding part of her work is helping clients reflect their own style in their […]

Making a clean break

Sorting out a relative’s home and belongings when they pass away is a time to reflect on their life and what they meant to you. Trying to do the right thing – and the practical thing – around their worldly goods can be a big, emotional task, where it’s hard to see the wood for […]

Warm up with wool rugs: Carpet Binders

The chilly months have arrived, and you may be dreading the feeling of walking on your cold, hard floors. Warm your feet and add comfort by adding a beautiful wool area rug into your living or work spaces. There is no doubt that when those extra frosty days arrive, you and your household will be […]