Simplifying paving for you: Dragon Stone Paving

Spending time outdoors is an easy way to get a health kick. That healthy tonic is waiting just outside your door and you’ll enjoy more of it with a beautifully paved outdoor area from Dragon Stone Paving. Choosing pavers is the obvious way to go when you think about the benefits: Flexibility – they will […]

Future-proof your landscaping: Luke Gardner

Versatility and creativity are two words landscaper Luke Gardner lives by. All kinds of projects have benefited from his mix of innovation, experience, skill and knowledge. “The other week we were working on a classic courtyard garden with raised beds and irrigation, pavers and intensive massed planting. Today our focus is a pre-school activity area […]

Outdoor art gallery

Art lovers often extend their collections from inside to outside, with gorgeous one-off sculptures the leading choice. Metal, wooden and stone garden ornaments, fountains and sculptures stand proud and tall in gardens large and small. As with all art, when buying you should choose pieces that speak to you, that resonate or add to your […]

Food for the soul

Whether it’s a few pots on the balcony, a small patch or an extensive garden, everyone can experience the joy of gardening. The benefits of digging deep in the dirt are well documented and many Kiwis have moved back to growing not just beautiful flowers, but also their own vegetable patches. Last month’s National Gardening […]

Outdoor chic

Setting the scene outdoors is just as important now as interior design, especially during the warmer months. Outdoor living adds a whole new dimension to a home and choosing the right pieces will mean both comfort and function. Here are some tips from Metropol: Function – Think about how you want each outdoor space to […]

Bird-pleasing plants: Lushingtons

At this time of year the birds have a little more chirp in their voices and if you’d like to make the most of this free entertainment, plant some bird-friendly plants and they’ll come flocking. The song of the bellbird and tui is something special and even though they’re native birds, you don’t necessarily need […]