June 7th

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5 Major Changes that will affect the New Zealand Property Market: NZ Mortgages

2024 is a crucial year for the property market here in NZ. With May bringing a lot of announcements from the Government and the Reserve Bank, here are the NZ Mortgages’ top 5 changes to keep an eye on. It’s been a busy end to the month of May for the NZ property and economic […]

Name your poison (plants)

A surprising number of plants, including many indoor species, are toxic and even poisonous in one way or another, having developed chemical compounds to discourage predators from eating them. A toxic plant can cause harm through various means, such as skin irritation or inhalation, while a poisonous plant is specifically dangerous if ingested. Keeping them […]

A happy city: Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct Chair Peter Townsend

It is reassuring to see Christchurch City recently identified as the happiest city in New Zealand, by the London-based Institute for Quality of Life. The index used in making the assessment focuses on cities that prioritise happiness and wellbeing.While I struggle a little with a city being “happy”, I can certainly relate to the concept […]

Swivelling wood burner: Envirosolve

With winter in full swing, wood, pellet, and gas fires come into their own. If you’re looking for something a bit different, how about a wood fire that swivels so you can enjoy its warmth from anywhere in a room. Envirosolve has exactly that in the form of the Bionic Wood Fire (pictured), by Rais. […]

Paint and snack in North Canterbury

Paint and sip is becoming a popular activity choice in spurs of boredom. Yet, finding something beautiful that inspires creative expression when you need it often becomes the obstacle. Such awe-inspiring views can be found in scenic North Canterbury. However, this destination area requires a small distance to travel, so we introduce a road-trip-friendly alternative, […]

Holistic health and beauty: Me Time Wellness

Winter often sees fitness classes swapped for fireside sessions, and while cosying indoors feels great, unfortunately, lack of exercise can make us more susceptible to pain. Up to 80% of pain is caused by trigger points activated by factors such as emotional, or exogenous/endogenous related issues. Me Time Wellness offers a treatment that can identify […]