Great DIY coffee: Coffee Worx

During the past two years, Covid-19 restrictions have resulted in many people working and socialising from home, and not being able to just pop out for morning coffee. This has taught coffee lovers that having a good supply of quality coffee at hand is essential.

Kiwis love their coffee and the restrictions have led to many seeking out a reliable fresh coffee supply, and investing in a home espresso machine, or other coffee making equipment. Doing so caters to their coffee cravings, and also brings a sense of having control over the small but very important rituals that make our lives bearable in tough times.

Buying small bags of supermarket coffee can be expensive, and it is also hard to guarantee the freshness of the coffee on the shelf.

Purchasing direct and in bulk from a coffee roaster such as Canterbury’s Coffee Worx not only saves money, it guarantees freshness of product, plus you can chat with experts about what grind you should use for what equipment, and what blend to use.

Coffee Worx also offers a subscription option to have a regular supply of its award-winning coffee delivered to your door freight-free. And it sells a range of simple but effective coffee-making equipment and home espresso machines.

For more information visit the website.

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