From the deputy editor: 31 March 2022

Here’s to health

Kia ora Metropol readers. We can finally put a face to the name, as I share my two cents (for what it’s worth) in this special issue.

All of our worlds have been shaken up during the last few years, and there has never been a stronger interest in health and wellness than right now. Health is underpinning many of our conversations, as we try to dodge a virus that has changed the way we live, work, and interact.

Finding a little light amidst the storm, this pandemic has given us a wake-up call to what it really means to live a healthy life. After all, what is it that really matters in life? Our health of course, and much more than just physicality. It’s how we feel mentally, are we constantly stressed, are we present with loved ones, and are we sleeping okay?

Wellness incorporates all these and a great deal more. It is a commitment to the daily practice of things that look after your body and mind. Find what those are for you and make them a priority. Because often, it isn’t until we lose our health, that we fully appreciate it.

In the name of wellness, take some time to relax with the latest Metropol. You might notice a change in this issue, the paper on which it is printed. We have elected to swap to a more sustainable paper, one that will enhance your reading experience. Enjoy.

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