Frenchly minted: Commonwealth Vault

The news that Paris Mint coins are now available to purchase, right here in Christchurch, will see every numismatist (collectible coin enthusiast) punching the air in jubilation.

Paris Mint, more correctly known as La Monnaie de Paris, is the world’s oldest continuously running minting institution (founded in the year 864) dedicated to the manufacturing of collectible coins, medals, and objects of art.
Christchurch private vault facility, Commonwealth Vault, has extended its current range of services with a move into numismatics. Its CEO, Jerome Concisom, has this to say of the expansion, “We want people to get excited about collecting these silver and gold coins. We are thrilled to be a worldwide distributor for Paris Mint – the oldest and largest mint producer in the world.”

“The coins are of a limited edition, which makes them highly collectible. It is their uniqueness that makes them a bit more expensive, but they are beautiful and I encourage coin lovers not to miss out on this opportunity.”

While also taking advantage of this modern technical age, the preservation of centuries-old know-how is at the heart of Paris Mint’s mission. From hammer striking to laser cutting, Paris Mint has survived the centuries, experimenting and exploring all artisan craft techniques known to man, and has produced all the French coins, from the Pence to the Euro. Labelled as a “Living Heritage Company”, Paris Mint has around 15 artisan trades carried out under its name, including engraving, coining, reducing and polishing, to name but a few.

Commonwealth Vault has two facilities, in Christchurch and Auckland, with the new state-of-the-art Christchurch vault housed in the historic former Public Trust building.

There is also the investment opportunity for clients to purchase gold and silver bullion, which the vault secures for a lifetime and beyond.

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