Focused on feet: Footprints Podiatry

Footprints Podiatry has been fortunate in the addition of podiatrist Leah Blondell to their team.

Having spent the past three years based in Auckland, Leah couldn’t be happier to find herself working back in her home city of Christchurch and looks forward to a long career in her chosen profession.

Leah works on all podiatry concerns, but specialises in fungal infections as well as any other superficial infections related to the feet.

The treatments Leah uses to help people with fungal infections are typically topical and lunular laser treatments.

“Adults and children can really suffer with things like fungal infections, verrucae and ingrowing toenails. Especially in summer when people want to show their feet; it knocks their confidence.”

From sports injuries to children suffering from growing pains; from those with issues around diabetes to the elderly, Leah treats them all. “I love chatting with my older clients. Their life experience means they usually have some good advice to pass on.” Leah works two days at the Ilam clinic and three days at the Barrington clinic.

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