Flex your creativity: Art Metro

Christchurch has a local art school with a gallery showcasing the creative work of students.

Loyal student, Monica Yeazel, whose works are pictured above, talks about her experience at the student gallery that has been helping people unleash their inner artist for years.

Monica, a retired pharmacist, wanted to flex the creative side of her brain. “[Being a pharmacist] is a very black and white, right or wrong profession, so I’m loving mixing up all the colours in ‘no-wrong-answers’ abstract paintings.”
For over a year she has been taking classes at Art Metro, and expresses that her favourite medium to work with is acrylic painting. “I tried oils very briefly, but I think maybe I’m still too impatient to wait for oils to dry.”

Monica’s biggest takeaway from Art Metro is that she can create something beautiful even from a painting she initially considers trash, if she keeps painting.

When it comes to finding her own art style, Monica says she has a journey ahead, “I haven’t really settled into one particular style of painting: I’m still discovering”.

When talking about her overall experience at Art Metro, Monica ends with: “It’s a great place to learn with really supportive people.”
Art Metro offers a variety of classes including sketching, watercolours, and abstract painting. Sign up for a class today at the website below.


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