Flavour and quality guaranteed: The Vagabond Chefs

In need of a new spot for date night or a catering service for your next big event? Look local.

Established in 2015 as a small food truck, The Vagabond Chefs is a Christchurch-based bar, restaurant, and catering service, whose owners spent their time travelling around New Zealand serving their delicious “Asian-inspired Kiwi classics”.

The Vagabond Chefs’ Rash Singh explains that “a Vagabond dish is all about big-world flavours,” describing some of their most popular dishes such as the Marlborough king salmon, bao buns and wagyu mince burgers as “orient-encrusted, crisped and spiced, or slow, smooth and distinctly Southern”.

Since their humble beginnings, The Vagabond Chefs have grown, now with a booming restaurant in Ferrymead, and also offer a catering service for weddings, parties and corporate events of up to 300 people.

Good service, the best quality food and the world’s most premium steak are what customers can expect from them. Singh explains that while they do not provide any discounts, they use “the best quality products and do not compromise on quality.”

Taste for yourself at the restaurant in Ferrymead or book online for your next event.



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