Fit and healthy felines

Cats may seem lazy with all of the lounging around in the sun they do.

But keeping your cat active and healthy is important, as overweight cats are more likely to suffer from health conditions such as osteoarthritis and diabetes.
Here are a few tips to keep your favourite feline fit and healthy.

Keeping hydrated

Similar to humans, cats sometimes feel “hungry” when they are really just bored. This makes it important that they always have fresh water available. Then if they get bored, they can consume water instead of boredom eating.

Switch up the food

One of the most crucial factors for maintaining a healthy cat is diet, and since cats are carnivores, they need to consume a lot of protein. Buy food that is at least 35 percent protein, with the fats and carbohydrates combined not making up more than 50 percent of your cat’s diet.

Laser lights

A quick and easy way to get your cat active is with a laser light or pointer. They are a fun tool to keep your cat both physically active and mentally stimulated. Just ensure you are careful to not shine it in your cats eyes and to limit play time to 15 minutes.

Cat trees/scratching posts

Cat trees help to satisfy a cat’s natural urges for climbing and scratching, and are also perfect for keeping your cat strong, fit and healthy.  When selecting a cat tree look for one with platforms, hiding holes, and sturdy posts that the cat can scratch.

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