Finding balance

Author, speaker, and wellbeing retreat leader are just a few of the hats wellness coach Rachel Grunwell wears. Metropol’s Georgia Summerton chats to her about her experience coaching others towards a happier and healthier life.

After decades working as a journalist, Rachel was offered a wellbeing column while on maternity leave.

It was writing this weekly column that introduced her to the health and wellness world. Interviewing some of the best in the business gave her the opportunity to learn from experts, as well as try and review hundreds of fitness trends. “I am so grateful for the journey I went on, it was a blessing to interview all of these people. I really soaked it up. I was a fitness guinea pig, you name it, I’ve done it.”

Before this opportunity, movement was never a part of Rachel’s life. In fact, she hated exercise.

“I found it so hard. I was never born with the ‘fitness gene’, and I see that in so many of my clients. But now, I’ve never been fitter or stronger in my life. The secret sauce is just showing up, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks.”

Rachel now coaches clients, helping others achieve their goals, across a number of different areas. Working with her clients is extremely fulfilling, as she is a core part of their journey to finding health and happiness. The most common struggle Rachel sees in her work is a lack of self-trust.

‘“I feel so emotional on this topic. Clients walk in the door and I just want them to see how beautiful they already are. These women are sassy, successful, kicking ass in the corporate world. But they are not wearing the dress they want to wear. How I get them to shift it is with the right self-talk. How would you like your daughter to talk to herself? We need to talk to ourselves with kindness. We tell our kids to be brave and give it a go. We need to do the same with ourselves.”

Her advice for women and men trying to live a healthier life is to take it slow, one step at a time. “It can feel overwhelming, and small steps will get you there. With eating it can be starting with one change. More plants on your plate or more protein, or drinking more water in a day. Start with that small step, and then another.”

Rachel’s secret weapon
“I love being in bed by 10pm, I have written so much about the power of sleep. If you sleep like a baby, you can train like a beast. You shouldn’t feel like you are wading through your day due to a lack of sleep. Don’t worry about spending heaps on supplements, just get enough sleep.”

Rachel’s rule for balance
“I eat burgers, I eat chocolate and drink wine and coffee, I just live life. I’m not about perfectionism, I’m about progression. I’m mindful about how I eat throughout the day, but life is too short to not eat chocolate.”

Rachel’s next Mindful Moments retreat is on 21-22 May, visit Her book Balance features interviews with 30 experts to get the best tips on how to uplift your mind, body and soul. Available on her website


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