Escape in this: Avon City Ford

Ford is making no bones about incorporating plug in electric and hybrid drive an integral part of its future. Last year the blue oval announced plans to do away with solely petrol-powered cars altogether by the end of 2022, with the exception of Ford’s Performance range and Everest SUV.

The next car to accelerate this plan is the upcoming Escape Hybrid which will join the proven and popular Escape PHEV. “Now with a full hybrid coming to join the plug-in hybrid, Escape customers will have an excellent range to choose from that that they can match to their particular needs – offering smart capability alongside great fuel economy and low emissions,” said Simon Rutherford, Managing Director, Ford New Zealand.

A Mild Hybrid version of the Puma will also join the Hybrid Escape in the line-up. There will also be a fully electric variant of Ford’s Transit van. All three are part of the seven new models Ford will offer with electric drive by 2024. Ford New Zealand has also partnered with leading electric vehicle charging producer Singer Electric to provide all dealers nationwide with forecourt and service area charging stations.

Ford’s plan to be fully carbon neutral by 2050 is certainly well on the way to becoming a reality.

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