Embrace your space

Designating a safe space in your home to evoke serenity and calm
can help turn a bad day into a good one.

Sometimes, the inevitability of life’s troubles can win, and the day’s stresses can catch up with us before we’ve run a bath or changed into activewear. A small area in your home, set up for those life-is-moving-too-fast moments can provide the relaxation you need. Consider incorporating these three tips when setting up your safe space.

Warmth and cosiness go hand in hand to produce a comfortable space. Include pillows or blankets to keep you snug, being mindful of your favourite hues when curating your space’s colour palette. Colours that make you happy have the power to lift your mood. Candles have the ability to generate positive energy and ambience in your space, changing its feel through our senses,.

Making your space feel lived-in is a great way to create comfort. Not only does functionality ease and reduce unnecessary stressors, it can offer notions of habitation to help you relax. Subtle touches such as coasters for your coffee, and a lamp for reading the latest Metropol, make a space feel easy and soothing, while avoiding feelings of mess or clutter.

A potted plant does wonders to uplift a room’s decor, and has hidden benefits for our wellbeing. Proven to help with mental and emotional stress, plants promote natural and relaxed feelings to lift your spirits. Sometimes, taking care of a plant is the simplest reminder you need to give yourself the same love and care.

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