Embrace winter wellbeing: Flow Wellbeing

Bringing Christchurch people together through yoga/therapeutics is the aim of the Flow Wellbeing Centre on Fitzgerald Avenue, which is holding a free winter wellbeing open day on 19 June.

The biggest wellbeing centre in New Zealand, it offers an holistic space where anyone can potentiate their healing or shift a bad mood into a good one through attending a class, intensive or experiencing one of the many therapies offered there.

Leading yoga teacher Donna Farhi, aka the “teacher of teachers”, has taught yoga intensives and retreats in many countries all around the world.

The Christchurch wellbeing centre sets a new standard for what a yoga and wellbeing centre can be, she says.

“Now more than ever we are coming to appreciate the mental and emotional benefits of being able to get out of the house and go somewhere that offers us a new perspective. Entering any of the studios feels like moving into a sacred space: an ancient cave, a forest glen, or the ocean’s edge. The inspired interior by Sharon Cross brings these primal experiences into each room where the place can help to activate and support a movement back to centre,” she says.

“We all need a place where we can go to rejuvenate ourselves. An aesthetically beautiful environment or thoughtfully designed room can uplift our spirits, calm our mind and refresh our energies. Come and see for yourself.”

Flow Therapeutics
Flow Therapeutics is home to clinicians, therapists and wellness experts who provide education workshops, teacher trainings, 1:1 client sessions and unique term-based movement classes to support wellness. www.flowtherapeutics.co.nz

Flow Yoga
Flow Yoga offers hot & temperate heated yoga classes for all levels of students.Their goal is to help you to realise your full potential, whether trying yoga for the first time or have been practising for years. www.flowyoga.co.nz

Flow Wellbeing is holding a winter wellbeing ‘Open Day’ on Sunday 19 June from 8am to 6pm. Free classes and services will be offered on the day in the fire, earth, water and air studios. Bookings via the Flow Hot Yoga app.

www.flowwellbeing.co.nz | 0800 3569 9355 |enquiries@flowwellbeing.co.nz

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