Elevating health and community: the Kind Foundation

Making a difference in the world is the specific purpose of an exciting new gym that has just opened in Christchurch.

Operating an incredible fitness centre and promoting good health, with members who value their membership and engage with others, while empowering the community, is Elevate Fitness’ way of doing that.“All our earnings are returned to help the community. There are no shareholders and no dividends. In short, our purpose is not to make money,” recreation and wellbeing manager Lydia Kennedy says. “Our purpose is to help people achieve their own personal health, fitness, and wellbeing goals by walking beside them in a way that is honest and authentic.” The movement is entirely rooted in giving back. All revenue earned from membership fees is reinvested. First, to ensure great staff and facilities, and second, to the bigger, existential issues seen in communities.

An investment in Elevate Fitness is not just in your health and wellbeing, it is in the communities around you. Profits enable the team to deliver a range of subsidies and programmes that help thousands of people, directly, every year. It is practical, effective, and beneficial in so many ways. “If you care about the social issues facing our community, your gym membership directly helps us do our good work for people who are struggling,” Lydia explains.

This is a gym with a point of difference that no other fitness centre in town can boast. “If you want to elevate your wellbeing, fitness, and your connection to others, we are the right gym for you.”

Sign up online, or visit Elevate Fitness, Papa Hou Building, 4 Rolleston Ave, (opposite the Botanical Gardens).

About the Kind Foundation
One of the most unique organisations in Christchurch, the Kind Foundation opens up a world of opportunities to contribute to the wider community. They are a team that give back all earnings to those in the community who need support, such as children, young people, families, older adults, and people with special needs.

For over 161 years they have served people. Their history is a vision and commitment to the future of Christchurch, a city that is connected and happy. Aimed at bringing people together, the foundation holds a vision for a connected, happy Christchurch. “Be encouraged by our work. We believe in humanity. We believe that people are good, that people are kind,” Lydia adds.

Mention Metropol on sign-up and receive your first month free. No minimum term, no joining fees.


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