Top Marques with Niki Mills: Ice speed record

Back in 2007, four-time World Rally Champion, the original “Flying Finn” Juha Kankkunen attempted to break the World Ice Speed record in his privately owned, stock-standard, Bentley Continental GT on the frozen waters of the Baltic Sea. He succeeded with a blistering 1km average of 321kph, an astonishing result from a road-legal vehicle on ice. […]

Join the lifestyle move: Armstrongs Christchurch

The benefits of going hybrid for your daily transport these days couldn’t be more obvious. Ben Selby reports. Having a petrol engine working in harmony with a battery pack only significantly lessens the trips you make to the pump, and also leaves a much smaller carbon footprint with each drive. Plus, conventional hybrids are exempt […]

McLaren’s perfect storm

As hybrid technology in high-end supercars becomes more commonplace, the new Artura is McLaren’s way to show the word “hybrid” should be embraced in the supercar world. Ben Selby reports. Powered by an all-new mid-mounted 120-degree twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine with 8-speed dual clutch transmission, the Artura also gets a plug-in 7.4kWh battery and axial […]

Polished and refined luxury

The Jaguar F-Pace has been a firm favourite in the immensely competitive market that is the luxury SUV segment. While late to the party compared to its competitors from Porsche and Audi, the F-Pace has held its own over the years, but is it still a proper Jag? Ben Selby reports. The Jaguar F-Pace P400e […]

The new car in town: Blackwells

It seems like New Zealand is getting rather spoilt. So many new car brands have entered our market within the last few years. The latest of these is Omoda, which has joined the stable of Blackwell Motors. Ben Selby reports. Omoda, pronounced “Oh-Mo-Dah” is already grabbing attention in New Zealand with the brand’s recent unveiling […]

Torque Talk: Road User Charges

So, it’s finally happened. From April 1st, owners of light EVs and Plug in Hybrids (PHEVs) will have to pay Road User Chargers as part of the Government’s RUC for electric vehicles legislation. That means that if you plug your car, van, or SUV, into the mains or fast charger, you will have to pay […]