Dream in merino: Dreamwool beds

In this cold weather, is there anything more appealing than snuggling up in bed?

We naturally sleep more in the winter, so your bed becomes that much more important; and noticeable when it’s not quite right.

One of the best ways to stay warm is to use Merino wool. These sheep are tough, dealing with extreme temperatures from freezing winters to hot summers – their wool is great for regulating temperature and keeping you comfy. That’s why local company Dreamwool Beds uses Merino wool in all their mattresses.

“The Merino is an amazing sheep. The extreme of climates that it has to put up with, from the winters, where it can be down too minus 15 and beyond, and in summer, where it’s putting up the temperatures to 40 degrees plus,” says owner David Henderson. “It’s a unique fibre that has the ability to work in both winter and summer to regulate your sleeping climate. That’s what makes it so great for bedding, it’s all-around breathability, and that’s why it’s so important to have a good amount of wool in your bed – to give you that natural all year-round insulation.”

Natural products in your bedding are really important – synthetic materials compete with one another and cause a lack of breathability. Dreamwool work to combine natural products throughout all steps of the manufacturing process. They believe that the use of Merino is more than just a feature, it’s a benefit. David says, “When you look at what’s in our products it’s understandable and we keep it easy with our definitions
of the product.”

The team’s focus is on simple – luxurious mattresses that are filled with generous layers of soft temperature-regulating Merino wool, with 100% natural latex or European pocketsprings. They’re made to be comfortable, breathable, and offer conformity. Each luxury mattress is made to order and fewer than 500 Dreamwool mattresses are produced each year.

Take the stress out of sleep and start to rest easy by stopping by the showroom at 96 Disraeli Street. The super knowledgeable team make it simple to choose a mattress. They have thought of everything when it comes to a comfortable night’s sleep and if you head into the showroom, you’ll be able to see exactly what goes into your mattress and understand the product benefits.
You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so a comfy mattress should be high on your priority list. Get in touch with the Dreamwool Beds team or check out their website to discover how they can help improve your comfort and rest.


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