Doggy day care: Sharna’s Dog Care

Important health and behavioural benefits can come from dropping your dog off to daycare.

Your pet can enjoy the best of both worlds – indoors and outdoors – at Sharna’s Dog Care, where they offer daily care and grooming services.

The care centre is full of heart, named after owner Keryn Ashworth’s Newfoundland, who sadly passed away soon after the opening.
“Dogs just love coming to us for their grooming as they get to have have fun playing with the dogs in our day care before their bath and grooming.
“We ensure all dogs are nurtured, stimulated and have so much fun, and we cater for dogs of all sizes, including large breeds,” says Keryn.
She adds that unlike many other centres, dogs are free to roam in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

BENEFITS of day care include:
In a safe environment with supervision, your dog will get to interact with an entire range of personalities and learn how to play properly. This is crucial for puppies.

Do you feed your pooch a few too many tidbits from your plate? Dog day care can counteract this, by providing dogs with nearly all-day exercise. Additionally the exercise and dog-to-dog communication will encourage positive behaviour. It will also help to reduce unwanted chewing, jumping, and digging, which are usually brought on by boredom.
To book your dog in call 03 669 4664 or visit the website.

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