Dietary requirements speciality: Red Post Cafe

A great deal more is behind the running of a successful, long-lived cafe than might occur to the customers who venture in to eat the delicious food served there.

Trent and Carolyn Allison, of Red Post Cafe in Culverden, know that each of their customers is an individual and may therefore have particular dietary requirements.

“Over the years that we have owned the café, it has been fascinating to note the various different diets that have come into fashion, and either disappeared again, or become today’s norm,” say Trent and Carloyn. “It is fundamental to our business philosophy to do our utmost to respond to what our customers need and ask for, whether they be vegetarian or vegan, are gluten, nut or dairy-intolerant, or follow a Keto diet. So it is really satisfying for us to hear favourable comments from customers about the range of options we can provide.”
Carolyn is something of an alchemist when it comes to adapting traditional dishes by, for instance, sourcing gluten- free ingredients. It’s the same with the baked goods that are so much a feature of the café, and that cater for all dietary requirements. “Each of our staff members know the ingredients that go into our scones, muffins, cakes and slices, so they can speak knowledgeably about them to the customers.”

Adjusting and adapting to challenges and changes have become a hallmark of Red Post Cafe over the years. “We have a few more challenges at the moment because of supply chain issues, especially with eggs and leafy greens, but dealing with those is all part of the way we look to make our business sustainable into the future.”

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