Declutter your pantry & palate

A cluttered pantry can lead to a cluttered mind, and a lack of inspiration when it comes to cooking. Why not have a tidy up and discover your stockpiled groceries too. Knowing what you have on hand and what has been hiding behind that can of baby corn for far too long can help revive your cooking inspiration, and just in time for the change of seasons.

Clean slate
If you’re going to do this properly, set time aside, pull everything out, and give it a good clean before you try to organise anything. We have said goodbye to 2021, so make sure your pantry does too. Check those expiry dates. If you don’t think you will use items that are still good to go, why not donate them to a local food bank?

Create accessibility
Baskets are a terrific way to utilise high and low spaces that are often hard to access. They are great for sturdy produce such as potatoes and onions, or to keep all the smaller products, jars, and bags together so they don’t get lost at the back somewhere out of sight.

Create space
Create more space by adding extendable or stepped shelves to add usable height. You can also move things like spices to available drawers to keep them together or try adding a hanging rack to the inside of your pantry door.

Create order
Using the same type of storage containers (and labelling them) means things are easier to stack and help achieve the most out of your space. Keep it simple with glass jars or classic click-clack storage.

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