Couch clean

The couch is the family hub, the place where everyone (often including the dog) can sit to relax and spend time together.

Unsurprisingly this makes the couch a place that quickly collects dirt, pet hair, and crumbs, especially if you are a big fan of movie snacks.

When you do your spring clean, add cleaning the couch to the list and with these easy tips, you’ll be able to get it done in no time.

You may have never noticed but it is highly likely your couch has a cleaning code on the tag, take this code very seriously if you care about the future of your couch.

Code w: You can clean the fabric with water-based cleaning solvents.
Code s: You can use water-free solvent to remove the soils and stains or dry-cleaning.
Code w-s: You can clean dirty upholstery fabrics with water
– or solvent-based products.
Code x: You need to avoid using any cleaning agent. Instead, have the upholstery cleaned with a vacuum or by a professional.
Take this into consideration when reading the next tips.
Debris – You need to vacuum your upholstered furniture often. Vacuum your couch using your stiff-bristle brush attachment.
Stains – When dealing with tough set-in stains, the best approach is to let the stain remover sink in and then blot it away with a microfibre cloth. Use a soft brush if the fibres are stiff.
Pet hair – Create a DIY static spray by mixing water with a small amount of fabric softener. Spray this
on the furniture and wipe off the fur with a cloth.

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