Rainbow Cake

Coolest crafts: top ten craft projects to keep you occupied this Autumn

If you’re at a bit of a loss as to what to turn your talented hand to as summer comes to an end, there’s no shortage of clever crafts to keep you occupied.

Rainbow Cake

This month is National Craft Month and, according to Spotlight, traditional crafts such as knitting, macrame and crochet are anything but dead.
The top 10 in Spotlight’s latest Kiwi craft trends report:

  1. Knitting & crochet – New Zealand’s most popular crafts
  2. Slime – slime videos are sweeping the internet and the sticky supplies are flying off the shelves
  3. Cutting machines – the new kid on the scrapbooking block
  4. Cake decorating – there’s nothing sweeter than a craft you can eat
  5. Weaving – weaving looms and woven wall hangings have seen a recent resurgence
  6. Macramé – the biggest comeback of any craft form in recent memory
  7. Cake yarns – multi-colour, variegated yarns spun into balls that resemble a sweet confection
  8. Mermaids – from full crochet mermaid tails to embellished tiaras, mermaid crafts are making a huge splash in 2018
  9. Unicorns – capturing the heart of crafters nationwide, parties, costumes and bedroom makeovers are all drawing inspiration from the mythical beast
  10. Moss & faux greenery – the easiest way to bring greenery into the home, without the hassle of watering.