Cooking for change: My Home Chef

Rita Yosef didn’t know her home cooking business would benefit so many lives when she began.

When the mother of a special needs daughter approached her, the decision was easy, and Rita began providing cooking classes to facilitate pathways for disabled communities into the hospitality industry.
“It’s not just a job for me. It’s a life mission,” she declares.

Rita’s My Home Chef classes cover health and safety, knife skills, proper cooking posture, and an array of
delicious meal recipes thanks to lifetime experience of cooking Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines.

She says one of her special needs students is 22 and a wizard in the kitchen, easily cooking three meals in 45 minutes. “I can’t even cook as quickly as he can,” Rita says. Open to new students of any age and skill level, Rita notes that “everybody is welcome to come and learn, improve their skills, and gain new ideas.”

Rita hopes to open the first kitchen in Aotearoa with a disabled workforce, to beat the stigma in society and provide equal opportunities. Looking for a like-minded individual to join her in this unique business venture,
Rita encourages anyone who is interested in investing or helping build this space to get in touch. Enquire online.

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