Comfort for every season: Dreamwool Beds

“I first explored using micro-coils in our mattresses when my wife was experiencing menopause,” says Dreamwool director, David Henderson.

“My wife was having a difficult time sleeping and she would often wake up drenched in the middle of the night. I knew then that we needed to support the many women like her who struggle with sleep during that phase of  their lives.”

Dreamwool crafts top-of-the-line, luxury latex and pocketspring mattresses that offer both maximum breathability and climate control, qualities that can be especially beneficial for women experiencing symptoms of menopause. “Unlike foam, which gets hotter and loses its form overnight, our products contain only the finest, all-natural fillings for optimum comfort and coolness,”

David says. “Our pocketspring mattresses are the superior choice for many customers, but every Dreamwool mattress features thick layers of all-natural merino wool, ensuring that all of our customers can enjoy maximum temperature control and comfort, achieving a deeper, drier sleep, faster.”

Customers who are experiencing sleep discomfort associated with menopause are reaping the benefits.

“My personal experience with Dreamwool Beds has been fantastic,” says Sandy from Amberley. “I am in my mid-50s and going through menopause. With sleep often being a challenge during menopause, having a bed that kept me cool in the summer and retaining warmth in the winter was a lifesaver, giving me a good night’s sleep all year around.”

Jen from Woolston agrees. “Rather than sleeping on it or in it, the experience is more akin to becoming a part of it. The mattress gently supports my ageing frame in a way that makes physical relaxation possible,” she says.

“Dreamwool mattresses are so well made that they give me a restful and supportive sleep every night,” says Vicky from Whitianga. “Their construction from quality, breathable materials also means that I don’t get overheated.”

The key to hot and restless sleepers finding greater comfort, David says, is to manage the microclimate of the sleeping space. “We often hear about people trying to better manage the temperature of their bedroom with fans and air conditioning, but we rarely talk about  changing the microclimate of the bed in  which we’re sleeping.

Deep comfort and restful sleep start with a luxurious, breathable mattress and Dreamwool is providing that. While we know we can’t cure menopause, we absolutely can provide women with greater comfort for every season of their lives.”

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