Collar me pretty


First used to represent status and class, from ruffles to the humble button down, the collar has had quite the fashion journey through history.


Ruby Reese Tie-Neck Blouse


In the cooler months, it is common to see fashion-goers opting for pieces that keep their necks warm. Why not do so in style?

Who says adding a pop of colour is the only way to make bold choices with your outfit? Something as simple and subtle as a detailed collar can make the world of difference.

Whether you are popping, folding, buttoning or tying your collar – do it with flair. Here is a selection we are sure would be Shakespeare approved.


Brigid McLaughlin Piper Dress

SABA Dove Silk Blouse


Witchery Zip Collar Crop Knit


Frame Denim Embroidered High Neck Blouse



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