Clean your home with lasers

That’s right, lasers. Now you can pretend you’re a Stormtrooper while you vacuum, except you’ll be far more accurate. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott looks into the clever tech included in Dyson’s latest stick vacuum cleaner.

I joke, of course. The Dyson V15 Detect doesn’t zap the dirt off your floor with futuristic lasers. If you have hardfloors though, the V15’s Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head does direct a laser light onto the floor which reveals everything from large crumbs right down to the smallest dust particles.

If you thought your floors were relatively clean, prepare to be thoroughly disgusted. But fear not, because every speck you are illuminating is about to not just be sucked up by one of the more powerful vacuums on the market, it’s about to be counted and sorted by the V15’s piezo sensor. A display then shows you in real-time the exact nature of the dirt you’ve picked up, along with a battery-life timer.

Speaking of battery life, the V15 boasts a solid 60 minutes of run-time without any drop in suction, enough for even the largest family dwelling.

While the laser is only effective on hardfloors, that doesn’t mean the V15 is any less effective on carpeted areas, rugs, pet beds and upholstery. The vacuum comes with two cleaner heads and five handy tools for any occasion.

The Dyson DLS™ technology inside the High Torque cleaning head monitors brush bar resistance 360 times per second and intelligently adapts the power needed across different surfaces. The head also features a de-tangling comb that automatically clears hair from the brush bar and directs it into the vacuum itself. The days of having to cut long hair from your vacuum head are a thing of the past.

The V15’s powerful digital motor spins up to 125,000rpm, and 14 cyclones generate forces of 100,000g to not only pick up the most microscopic debris from deep in your carpet, but it flings them so fast through the filter that there’s no chance of getting clogged up.

With multi stage filtration, 99.99 percent of particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns are trapped in the machine. For a mere $50 extra you can upgrade to whole-machine HEPA filtration, meaning the air expelled from the V15 is even cleaner.

Despite all this tech, the V15 weighs in at a mere 3kg, so it’s light enough for extended cleaning sessions, yet feels solid enough that you know you’re handling some quality engineering.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, what dad wouldn’t want this high-tech beast of a vacuum? I know I do!


  • Powerful suction that delivers a deep clean.
  • One hour battery life, enough for most houses.
  • Lasers. Pew pew pew!


  • Like most stick vacs, the limited capacity needs emptying regularly.


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