Christmas tree keepers

Thousands of Christmas trees end up as landfill each year. Planting a potted Christmas tree and reusing it annually will reduce this number significantly.

Trees have extensive lifespans for a reason, and instead of cutting one down each year, consider growing your own. Invest in a versatile and durable pot, and make your Christmas tree lifelong. Christmas is not constrained to chopped down pine tree branches, or fab fake tinsel varieties. Choosing a conifer, for example, will add a whole new dimension, including ongoing tree care, to your gardening repertoire.

Once a Christmas tree, doesn’t mean always a Christmas tree. While it may have a designated purpose during the festive season, your tree can be redecorated to suit your garden during the quieter months. Lacing it with fairy lights is a simple yet effective alternative.

Here are some trees to consider:

Douglas fir

The Douglas fir’s dense foliage and soft needles make it a great option for a forever Christmas tree. Fabulous for landscaping later in life, this tree will provide a simple transition from Christmas to a regal garden showstopper.

Dwarf Alberta spruce

A common Christmas potted tree, the Dwarf Alberta spruce starts off as a cute miniature to decorate. It’s a slow grower, but can reach up to four metres, making it an easy continual Christmas tree for years before it finds a spot in the garden.

Patula pine

The Patula pine, or weeping pine, is an incredibly elegant version of the average pine tree. Small or medium, with reddish-brown bark to suit the season, the Patula needles are long and thin, but droop downwards, creating a unique look.


Caring for any flora is a task, as any plant lover will know, yet it is most rewarding. For growth and strength to last more than one Christmas, keep your trees colder during the off-season. When inside, use a basin or secondary pot to capture water, and make sure to irrigate every few days.


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