Christchurch’s yin and yang builders: DJ Hewitt Builders

Metropol catches up with DJ Hewitt Builders’ principal Daryl Hewitt.

Daryl & Tara Hewitt with Porscha & Wilson

What is your point of difference?
It’s said that my strength is my fussiness. People are surprised about the little extras, such as the attention to detail, and things they weren’t expecting. We have built many homes over 26 years in business. You can’t teach experience.

How did your story begin?
I completed a Polytech block course apprenticeship in 1986 and was top apprentice three years in a row. After being a carpenter, I met my wife and business partner Tara in Canada. We came back to New Zealand and renovated houses, and in 1999 built an award-winning Red Canadian style home in Brookhaven, which put us on the map. That was the last home when I was on the tools, after that I was in a management role. We built three show homes in Redcliffs and have loved the area.

DJ Hewitt Showhome 2005

What nails the DJ Hewitt team?
We are a big, loyal family of carpenters and subtrades, with everyone working together and sharing the load. After our first year, we employed our qualified builder Kevin who is still with us. It’s a real team effort, with lots of loyal clients.

Why are you such a great husband and wife team?
We are the yin and yang. Tara keeps me grounded. She has always been passionate about interior design, especially when we renovated, and built, our own homes. Tara is always looking for new ideas and has a good eye for new trends. She is the glue that pulls the interior together. Quite often we’ll both think of an idea. I do the technical and Tara adds the flare.

DJ Hewitt Showhome 1999

How do you spend your time off?
It’s important to constantly sharpen your saw, and do things that relax the brain. I go mountain biking, skiing, or we walk on the beach at sunrise with our dogs Porscha and Wilson. Photography has also become a passion.

Why have you committed to staying local?
I’m Christchurch born and bred. I’ve also stayed local because I always want to check things with my own eyes, as I can see different things others can’t. Again, it’s about quality control to keep clients happy.

What is the key to your success?
I make sure each build not only looks good, but is cost effective, and lasts the test of time. I’m always thinking in advance, up to a year ahead. It’s so important to always give good service and support to everyone involved. A year ago, we celebrated 25 years in business by recognising our loyal suppliers and subcontractors, who in turn have kept us on their priority list. It’s all about the client’s happiness and trying to keep everyone informed. Communication is the key to everything. If my client is happy, I’m happy.



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