Cheese on the grill

Melty, gooey, and stretchy is how most of us would describe our favourite cheese. It’s also safe to bet that cooking a few slices of cheddar or brie on a hot grill is probably not your go-to technique.

If you haven’t already, meet halloumi cheese. Originating from Cyprus, halloumi has a uniquely firm texture and high melting point, so it can stand up to all sorts of cooking methods, including pan-frying, roasting, and grilling. Halloumi is traditionally made with a mix of goat’s milk and sheep’s milk but is now also made with cow’s milk. It is salty and savoury and makes for a delicious vegetarian protein addition to salads and summer dishes.

Here are a few easy tips for cooking halloumi

1. Slice your halloumi evenly (approx. 0.5cm), and pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Heat a non-stick griddle pan or your BBQ to medium-high heat, and brush lightly with olive oil.

3. Sear the halloumi strips for 1-2 minutes each side, until golden and soft.

4. Add to a fresh salad, noodle dish, cooked breakfast or on its own as a tasty snack.

Things to remember

  • You can’t undercook halloumi, and you’re better to slightly underdo it than overdo it.
  • Once it starts going golden brown, it will cook quite quickly, so be ready to flip it or remove it from the heat.

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