Car-ful colours

New Zealanders have a distinct taste when it comes to car colours, with silver, white, and blue dominating the market.

These subdued shades represent the practical and reserved nature of us Kiwis. We tend to prioritise resale value and avoid flashy colours.

Silver cars are particularly popular because they are perceived as being modern and stylish. They also tend to hide dirt and scratches better than darker colours, which makes them easier
to maintain.

White cars, on the other hand, reflect more sunlight and heat, making them a popular choice for the summer months. They are also associated with cleanliness and purity, which is why many commercial fleets opt for white vehicles.

Blue cars come in various shades and have a timeless appeal. Darker blues give off a sense of sophistication and luxury, while lighter blues are associated with calmness and tranquility.
Blue is also a popular choice for sports cars and SUVs, where the colour is often paired with bold accents or racing stripes.

While these colours are popular, some may argue that they lack individuality and personality. As a way to stand out from the crowd many car owners choose to personalise their vehicles through custom wraps, decals or personalised number plates.

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