Flawless renovation renews character: Morel Construction

The cobbler’s children might have been the worst shod, but this builder’s family have the most gorgeous, character packed, family friendly, desirable, and memorable home. The classic three-bedroom bungalow in Gosset Street always had bags of charm, but the rooms were small and dark, and many families-worth of love and laughter had taken their toll. […]

Furniture for your outdoor: Kenneally Timber

The landscaping is complete, the lawn is looking lovely, and the sun is shining. All that is needed is the perfect set of outdoor furniture to put a bit of holiday into every day. If you’re an entertainer you’ll want a table that seats up to 10, and a drinks trolley. Your turn for the […]

Open for viewing

Ravenscar House Museum, the stylish new home for a collection celebrating New Zealand art and artists, opened to the public on November 8. Designed by Patterson Associates, Ravenscar House Museum is the vision of Christchurch philanthropists Susan and the late Jim Wakefield who gifted it to the people of Christchurch and Canterbury through their Ravenscar […]

Tiny homes made easy

Owning or living in a tiny house is now more than just an expression of a lifestyle, but a way of life for so many people all around the globe. Your desire to reduce waste and your carbon footprint are awesome but do not mean your tiny house has to be a shack on wheels, […]

Shine a light

Heading into summer with longer days, many will be enjoying more time outside long after the sun goes down. That’s when the lights go on, and it’s just as important to have proper lighting outdoors as it is indoors. Many of the same principles apply to indoor and outdoor lighting, although the latter should be […]

Bird-pleasing plants: Lushingtons

At this time of year the birds have a little more chirp in their voices and if you’d like to make the most of this free entertainment, plant some bird-friendly plants and they’ll come flocking. The song of the bellbird and tui is something special and even though they’re native birds, you don’t necessarily need […]

Productive and pretty: Terra Viva

These days, the word ‘containers’ conjures up the big steel rectangles stuck either in the Suez Canal or the wrong ports. But gardeners know that there’s another whole world of containers that can always be in the right place. Short of space or sunshine? Containers are your answer because of their flexibility; most food-producing plants […]

Dreaming of a great kitchen: Dream Doors

Almost 10 years ago, Adrian Kay started his own Dream Doors Kitchens franchise in 2012. Since then, Adrian and his tightly knit team of skilled tradesmen have earned a sterling reputation for bringing a new lease of life to one of the most lived-in areas of your house. That reputation has earned him and the […]

Make an entrance

The first aspect of a home many people notice is the front door. In real estate terms it is called kerb appeal, and there is nothing easier if you want to make a statement than to freshen a front door with a new coat of paint, or by installing a custom wood or steel door. […]

Contemporary design at its best: MC Architecture Studio

The building makes a bold statement on its Sumner Esplanade site. Not only that, but its size and design definitely attract glances and comments from people walking by. There are in fact two dwellings here. That was part of the brief for the architects of MC Architecture Studio – a main house of 240 sq […]